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Online Resources

The Official Site of Amelia Earhart.  Retrace Earhart's famous last flight at this site, which also gives career highlights, quotes from the history-making pilot, photos, a printable biography and facts on a modern pilot's plans to re-create the journey.

Children's Theatre Amelia Earhart Play. offers scripts for young audiences to schools, theatres and organizations that wish to perform them. With its poetic language and theatrical imagery, their offering of Amelia Earhart's story sheds new light on the life of a great woman and a pivotal time in US history. A great way to bring history to life!

Heroines in History is a series of picture books and toys on famous women throughout the world. Categories include European Heroines, Heroines Around the World and Heroines in America. Chinese books and dolls are also featured.

Freedom of Information Act - Amelia Earhart.  Download FBI documents regarding the 1937 disappearance of the pilot who sought to be the first woman to fly around the world. A brief summary of the events prefaces the papers.

Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum.  A guide directs Earhart enthusiasts to notable spots in the town where the famous pilot was born. Also find photographs, a short biography and information on Earhart's childhood.

Department of the Navy - Amelia Earhart Information
The Naval Historical Center summarizes the aviation career and final flight of this historic American. Check the operation archives link for the United States Navy's related records.

TIGHAR - The Earhart Project.  The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (acronym TIGHAR, pronounced 'tiger') is the world's leading aviation archaeological foundation.  A full-time professional staff guides an international membership of researchers and supporters in the non-profit organization's efforts to find, save, and preserve rare and historic aircraft.  See the Earhart project.

Library of Congress Amelia Earhart prints and photographs.

The Amelia Earhart Papers The Amelia Earhart Papers contain a wealth of historical information about the famous aviator. Just donated recently to Purdue University by George Putnam's granddaughter, the collection includes rarely seen and personal papers.

The Amelia Earhart Collection in Purdue Libraries Special Collections is the largest single repository of materials in the world relating to the life, career, and mysterious disappearance of famed aviator Amelia Earhart (1897-1937?). The articles in this collection were donated to Purdue University by Amelia's husband, George Palmer Putnam, in recognition of her connection with Purdue as a consultant on women's career issues as well as Purdue's sponsorship of her final flight attempt.

A short biography and picture of the famous aviator as well as some titles for further reading.

Amelia Earhart Early Years.  Extensive online and print resource on Miss Earhart's life.

An article entitled Saipan and the Mystery of Amelia Earhart details what is known about Miss Earhart’s final flight and presents various theories of what might have happened.

Ride into History.  See Amelia Earhart and other famous women from history "in person!" The historical performance touring group "Ride into History" will bring Amelia Earhart to your community.

Timeline of Amelia Earhart's life

The American Experience Wayback: Flight.  Learn more about Amelia Earhart and other flight pioneers in this  ezine located on the PBS website featuring interactive U.S. History for kids.

Women in Aviation.  Award-winning site with information about the history of women and flight.

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