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John Audubon, Young Naturalist

John Audubon, Young Naturalist
by Miriam E. Mason
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Pub. Date: June 2006
ISBN 1-882859-51-0(hc) –52-9(pb)

Reading Level: Lexile:  830L  Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level: 4.6


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“Oh Father, I wanted to make the birds my very own by drawing them. But I cannot make them seem real in my pictures.”

Just then a song sounded outside. Jean ran on tiptoe to the window. “There it is! There is my thrush the way I wanted it to be!” he whispered excitedly. Among the leaves of the lilac bush was a spotted thrush, singing with all its heart.

“Birds were meant to be free!” he thought. “I must learn to make my birds like that—free, alive, moving!”  —from John Audubon, Young Naturalist


In Volume 12 of THE YOUNG PATRIOTS SERIES, meet John Audubon as a boy whose love for birds became his legacy.
John's passion for drawing sends him into the fields and woods near his country house in pursuit of winged models. Games and adventures also beckon: John confronts a ghost in the old water mill tower, presents his friend Cecile with a surprise birthday gift (that goes horribly wrong!), and sails off to seek his fortune in America.

The adult John Audubon achieved worldwide fame as America’s leading wildlife artist. His book, Birds of America, is the standard against which all subsequent bird art has been measured. The young John Audubon, who never strays from his dreams, will inspire all children to follow theirs.



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“Half artist, half man of action…” was said of John Audubon.


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