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Online Resources for
Eddie Rickenbacker, Boy Pilot and Racer

Online Resources

US Air Force Museum WWI History Gallery
Brief biography of Eddie Rickenbacker with links to additional information.

War Times Journal
Photos of Eddie along with an online edition of his World War I memoirs entitled Fighting the Flying Circus.

Thumbnail Bio
Bullet points of Eddie's accomplishments and selected quotations by and about him.

First World
Short synopsis of Eddie's life.

Ace Pilots WW I
Description of Rickenbacker's World War I exploits.

The Aerodrome
High points of Eddie's life and description of his awards.

The Eddie Rickenbacker commemorative stamp.

Short biography of Eddie's life.

Air Force Magazine Online
Article about Eddie's heroism.

Medal of Honor Recipients on Film
The movie, "Captain Eddie," told the story of Eddie's life, with Fred MacMurray portraying Eddie. Synopsis and critique of film.

Picture History
downloadable image of Eddie Rickenbacker standing by his airplane.

Print Resources

  • Fighting the Flying Circus: The Greatest True Air Adventure To Come Out of WWI: Edward Vernon Rickenbacker / Paperback / Doubleday / September 2001

  • Fighting the Flying Circus: Edward V. Rickenbacker / Hardcover / Collectors Reprints 1995 , Out of Print

  • From Father to Son: The letters of Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker to his son William, from boyhood to manhood; Edward Vernon Rickenbacker / Unknown Binding, Out of Print.

  • Rickenbacker: Edward Vernon Rickenbacker / Hardcover / Prentice Hall 1967, Out of Print

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