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Eddie Rickenbacker, Boy Pilot and Racer

"Very nicely written for the young reader by Kathryn Cleven Sisson, Eddie Rickenbacker: Boy Pilot And Racer is the latest of the Patria Press Young Patriots Series, a collection of biographical books celebrating the achievements of youthful American heroes and heroines. Children will avidly follow the daring exploits of a young man with flying in his blood, who would one day become a World War I Flying Ace and winner of the Medal of Honor. Enhanced with black/white illustrations by Cathy Morrison, Eddie Rickenbacker: Boy Pilot And Racer is an upbeat and inspirational biography for young grade-school level readers which would make a welcome addition to any school or community library collection!"-- Midwest Book Review, Children's BookWatch, June 2003. (Read full review at (

"This book connects the dots, from the daring of the young boy engineer to the daring of the young man pilot, with stops along the way to illustrate that Eddie was a fun-loving, hard-working, family-loving, adventure-craving kid who grew up into an adult who liked to test (and beat) the odds.

I highly recommend this book, one of the best in the series and one of the best young biographies of its kind."--David White, Social Studies for Kids. (Read full review at

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