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George Rogers Clark, Boy of the Northwest Frontier

"This book does a good job of setting the scene for the youngster's later history-making activities, then includes them, building a well-rounded picture of a young boy who puts his penchant for adventure and excitement to good use in defending his country..."--Social Studies for Kids
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"... recounts the exploits of young George, who grew up to become a Revolutionary War general and famous explorer..."Indianapolis Star

"…this biographical story augments historical literature of the time period and will grab the attention of elementary readers, especially boys…"-Christian Library Journal

"...another book in the award-winning Young Patriot Series. Its purpose is to not only teach history, but to show how a young person can grow into greatness. The illustrations are well-matched to the story."--Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

"Young readers can follow George on his expeditions, hunting trips, adventures and frightening situations. A special "What Happened Next?" section chronicles important aspects in his adult life. There is also a brief timeline of what happened during his lifetime and fun facts about George. A great biography!"--Christina Lewis, Kids Bookshelf Book Reviews (Read full review here.)

"At the start of this book, George is just five years old. The next fifteen years of his life are filled with thieves, floods, secret passageways, heroism, hunting and horses...Once kids are hooked, the last chapter gives an overview of Clark's next fifty years. The ending pages tell "What Happened Next" and "Fun Facts About George Rogers Clark" to continue to feed the reader's curiosity."--ForeWord Magazine

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