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John Audubon, Young Naturalist

*  The National Audubon Society was formed in John Audubon’s name, in honor of his legacy. Learn more about Audubon Adventures for ages 9-12.

*  Visit John Audubon’s home in Pennsylvania, Mill Grove

*  View one of the largest collections of Audubon memorabilia and art at the John H. Audubon State Park and Museum.

*  See John Audubon’s Original Prints

*  American Artist - A Biography of John Audubon.

*  Kids, parents and teachers will enjoy learning activities about wildlife, John Audubon and ecology at the Environmental Literacy Council website.

*  Want to learn how kids can make their own Nature Journal? Find Out.

*  John Audubon’s famous classic is The Birds of America, which contains more than 1000 color illustrations and identifies more than 5000 bird species. 1827.

*  The Boy Who Drew Birds—A Story of John James Audubon. A picture book by Jacqueline Davies

*  Into the Woods: John James Audubon Lives His Dream.  Short historical fiction by Robert Burleigh


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