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John Hancock, Independent Boy

" This book is a wonderful insight into the young life of America's most famous personalities, filling in the gaps between "child of privilege" and "royal traitor." It does a good job, as well, as explaining the Revolution from not only a boy's eyes but also from the hearts and minds of adults. When John Hancock signs his name for all, especially the King of England, to see, we the readers know why John did it and what he hoped to accomplish, since we have understood him as he has grown up before our eyes."--Social Studies for Kids
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"Many people already know that John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence, and he signed his name large and bold, so England could read his name without glasses. But what was his childhood like? The Young Patriots series offers a glimpse into the young lives of America's heroes, and allows children of today to see how these men and women often led normal lives before they became American heroes. A great way for kids to learn about America's past."--Kids Bookshelf
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