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Juliette Low, Girl Scout Founder

"Young readers will relate to Daisy's spunky fighting spirit. She faces down school bullies, tries everything the boys do, and begins an animal catchers club to take care of small abandoned animals. The book provides the right combination of information about Juliette's youth, as well as her later accomplishments...Definitely suitable for church libraries."
--Helen Hunter, Christian Library Journal

"We see some wonderful vignettes of Juliette Low as a child. The inquisitive young "Daisy" Gordon is full of life and curiosity and also of defense for her beloved South..." (MORE)

"Author Helen Boyd Higgins captures the powerful spirit that founded the Girl Scouts in JULIETTE LOW, GIRL SCOUT FOUNDER. A fascinating read, JULIETTE LOW comes very highly recommended." --Cindy Penn, Senior Editor,, Amazon top 50 reviewer.

"...Spunky and determined, young Juliette was able to reach beyond the social limitations of females at the turn of the century and create a national organization that would influence the lives of millions of girls even today. Fine illustrations by Cathy Morrison enhance the appeal of this story." --ForeWord Magazine, Growing Up with Independent Presses: Books To Keep Teens Reading"

"...Very highly recommended for school and community library collections for young readers, Juliette Low is an inspirational biography presenting a superb role model for young girls." --Children's Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

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"The (Young Patriots Series) offers children an opportunity to meet some of America's unsung heroes and heroines--people who overcame obstacles to follow their dreams, and encouraged others in the process. The series adds a more personal touch to the lives of well-known adults, by showing readers what childhood was like in their days. Juliette Low, for example, was raised in post-Civil War Georgia, but did not fit the usual mold of a southern girl...." --Bonnie Bruno,

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"A wonderful story about the founder of the Girl Scouts and how her own zest for an adventurous life helped establish this great organization."

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