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Lew Wallace, Boy Writer

"(The Young Patriots Series) provide another advantage for parents eager to encourage reading instead of television or computer games."--Russ Pulliam, associate editor, Indianapolis Star

"...Though technically historical fiction, (Lew Wallace, Boy Writer) provides readers with enough of the background and everyday life of the 1800s to seem very gives young readers the sense that, no matter what they want to do, if they work at it, they can achieve it."--Ann M. Beardsley, ScribesWorld.

"...Because the famous people (in the Young Patriots Series) are presented as children, it’s much easier for young readers to relate to their outstanding accomplishments; students will ponder, ‘If these children lived their dreams, maybe I can too.’ Check out this ever-growing series of books if you want history to come alive for the young readers in your life."--Beth Lewis, Elementary Educators on About: The Human Internet.

"...(Lew Wallace, Boy Writer) is an interesting enjoyable story with lots of details to illustrate it as it unfolds...--Kay Terry, School of Integrated Studies in Teacher Education, Western Kentucky University.

"...Soft black-and-white illustrations by talented artist Cathy Morrison spotlight the experiences and challenges of a child growing up in early nineteenth-century America."--Bonnie Bruno, Books for Kids on About: The Human Internet

"...children...will most enjoy this one as Lew Wallace struggles and achieves in a 19th century American childhood that was anything but dull..."--the boox review

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