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Eddie Rickenbacker, Boy Pilot and Racer

by Kathryn Cleven Sisson
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Pub. Date:
ISBN 1-882859-12-X(hc) -13-8(pb)
Reading Level: Lexile:  760L  Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level: 4.5


2003 marks the 100th anniversary of flight. Celebrate with the latest offering from the Young Patriots Series:

"Some day I hope I'll be able to fly about high in the air."
"How?" asked his friends. "It's too scary for us."
"I don't know," replied Eddie, "but I'll find a way."

Eddie Rickenbacker grew up to become a World War I Flying Ace, father of commercial flight, racecar driver, and owner of the Indianapolis 500 Speedway. But as a boy he was more interested in building and racing "pushmobiles," and trying to fly by leaping off the barn roof with an umbrella! Join Eddie and his friends as they grow up at the turn of the century, when automobiles and airplanes were still a novelty and plunging downward on a runaway coal car took the place of a roller coaster ride!

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