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William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe

"(The Young Patriots Series) outstanding contribution to children's literature. Patria Press has successfully reintroduced America's past with this fine series for children. By reading the second book in the Young Patriots Series, William Henry Harrison Young Tippecanoe, children can step into Billy's shoes and get a glimpse of American history." - -Tina Velgos, The Review Zone

"William Henry Harrison Young Tippecanoe is a superb biography for young readers ages 8 to 12... a welcome, very highly recommended addition to school and community biography collections for children..." --Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch

"The book provides a much needed look into the early life of a famous American. So often we only hear about the adult life and accomplishments. Children are curious about those people as children--what kind of life did such a person live, what was his/her family life like, where did he/she live, etc. Overall, an enjoyable read."--Kay W. Terry, EdD., Coordinator of Basic Programs K-5, School of Integrated Studies in Teacher Education, Western Kentucky University.

"...this latest book in the Young Patriots Series reveals how storytelling can turn dusty historical figures into friends and heroes. The focus is on the early life of "Billy" Harrison as he grew up on his family's Virginia estate...the author weaves in important elements that shaped the country and Harrison's career (but includes) dramatic moments that children will relate to. A great read that deserves a place on every public library shelf."--Today's Librarian

"Handsomely supplemented with (Cathy) Morrison's black and white illustrations throughout, William Henry Harrison is a very readable and welcome addition to every child's history book collection."--the boox review

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